From the Chaos comes Creativity… Well.. that's the plan anyway.


Kayote – Chlamydia Rainbows Music Video

Our latest project, and labour of love for the past month has been a music video for the up and coming band Kayote. we decided to use a mix of a story and performance, shooting the performance in a studio and the story on location.

Setting up the studio with a projection backdrop, credit to Aska Ross, and a basic lighting set up in the rig and some mobile floor birdies. Shooting the band as a whole while running through the song numerous times with 3 separate cameras. Using the Glidetrack, tripod dollies which work well in the studio environment and of course numerous on the spot inventions to create a wide variety of shots. We also used haze to define the light beams in the wide shots, which worked well until we had to remove all of the smoke..

The story shots were filmed on location in Hammersmith, again using DSLRs, utilising deep depth of field to give this section a cinematic feel. Using focus shifts and glide moves to add movement into the shots to ensure that they did not slow the pace of the upbeat song. Some extra shots that we were unable to film on the first shoot due to fading light were filmed at a later date on Hammersmith bridge.

The final video was painstakingly manually synced with the original recording of the song in Final Cut, which is definitely something we are going to avoid in the future!

The Story is one of two Ex-lovers who have a chance encounter in a park, while at first one runs away he sees the potential in love and repents on his decision….

Dir: Luke Blackett, DoP: Ed Conder & Barney Couch. Photography: Jonah, Assisting: Matt Blackett.

Starring Ed Robinson, Sarah Craddock and Kayote.

Many thanks to the band! and here is the video:


The journey so far…

The journey so far
CreativeChaos’ completed and ongoing projects and objectives for the future. As well as a look at what and who we are currently.
Luke Blackett

CreativeChaos describes itself as a small independent film making company, made up of a small group of school boys between 17-15 years old. We are proud of where we have come from in the last year. The company itself started as Phoenix Productions, started by Luke Blackett and Edward Conder, this was at its earliest stage created to make a documentary style film for volunteering. The project was funded by £3000 given by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, and included an award ceremony for various local sports volunteering projects. The company lay dormant for awhile until a film competition was announced in the founder’s school. On spur of the moment the pair set about planning a project centred on a chase sequence through the school, at this point Barney Couch was involved in photography and editing for the company and Matt Blackett was involved on the acting and Creative elements. The film went onto to win the competition and was well received. This also marked a start in the company’s use of DSLR’s for filming for a number of reasons. From then forward we have continued our success with several small projects including a music video currently in post production, and also in changing its name to CreativeChaos. The company has expanded to include Jonah McGowan in photography and creative parts of the process. We are currently involved in planning and executing many future projects big and small, especially working with SPS Drama in a number of their productions.




















Chaos within the Creativity, or is it the other way round?

Okay so a bit of background we are a group of 16-15 year old boys who have set up a production company with the sole purpose of making as many high qaulity films as possible. Our budgets normally hover round the £0 mark and the use of improvisation; kit wise etc. is encouraged.

The Past

We have so far done one documentary for hammersmith and fulham council on volunteering. We have as a group produced on short film, a promo for a action/drama fictional series, which won the competition it was entered into. The two founders, Ed Conder and myself, Luke Blackett , also selected to produce solo films for our art GCSE final pieces. Our latest completed piece of work is a show reel of the begining of 2010.

The Future

Perhaps also the present as well as the future, we are currently in the process of developing, and producing a feature length film, the project is massive and is sechduled for completetion in summer/autumn 2011. More on that will be given out at a later date. If you think you can offer services, please don’t hesistate to contact us.

But don’t worry we have several short films lined up to add to our repatoir so don’t dispair and watch this space.

Thank you and check back here soon.